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Due to the increasing numbers of some game birds in New Zealand you will find more hunters and fisherman put bird shooting on their activity list every season.


  • Pheasant (Ring neck, mutant and black).
  • Quail (Californian and Bob White).
  • Peacock.
  • Wild Turkey –hunting season is from early spring, July through to December when the animals are all puffed up and a-strutting, limit of three birds per day.

These Game Bird species you will find on farmland mainly in the North Island.

  • Duck (Mallard, Spoonbill, Native Gray and Black Swan -hunting season is mainly form early May to July.
  • Paradise Shelduck – hunting can be arranged from February to September, 15-20 a day.
  • Canada Goose – hunting can be arranged from February to November, no limits.

These birds are normally hunted on farmland or ponds with decoys or stalls and around willowed wetlands. Good hunting will be experienced all day.

Equipment and Supplies:

Our seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere with rain- and snowfall and some frosts. We recommend layered clothing suitable for cool conditions with waterproof outer layer. Comfortable and waterproof boots are essential.

Guided hunting:

We recommend employing guides for obvious reasons and there are a number of full time professionals hunting guides available. The guides Aroha Tours select have all the required certificates and proper authority to hunt the lands on which they guide.


There are no problems in bringing a rifle to New Zealand. However a Tourist Firearms License must be obtained from the police on arrival. It is necessary to bring your current firearms permit or license with you. Firearms themselves are not registered in New Zealand but the owner is. Most guides can provide you with rifles on request.

Hunting method:

You have a choice of a mixture of challenging drives in the traditional English manner or you can enjoy the stealth of a "walk up" shoot where the dog will “point” a bird before it is “put up” The guides will make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable hunt. Access can be gained by four-wheel drive vehicle and the country on private land is often less difficult.


Charges for a guide vary depending on the services and species being hunted and include food, equipment and accommodation on the hunt.  If you wish to stay in luxury accommodation and travel by aircraft or helicopter to quickly hunt several species in a short time, the cost will reflect that.


Aroha New Zealand Tours chooses only the best Big Game Hunters in this country.

Central Otago
Backcountry Safaris - Hunting and Fishing Outfitters - Wanaka:

North Canterbury:
Riverview Lodge - Hanmer Springs:


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