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New Zealand is a land of plenty and boasts European, Southern American, Asian and Indian, as well as American and Polynesian restaurants.

  • Lamb is naturally one of the most popular and traditional dishes and generally on the menu of almost every restaurant.
  • Beef is excellent and reasonably priced and a favorite of the traditional barbeque.
  • Sausages are very tasty and come in all shapes and sizes and often served at takeaway shops or at a typical kiwi barbeque.
  • New Zealander's are also partial to farm-raised venison, veal, duck pheasant and wild pork.
  • A Maori specialty is the hangi (feast), a traditional food steamed to perfection in an underground oven.
  • New Zealand's bountiful variety of shellfish ranges from Toheroa, Pipi, Paua and Oysters to Lobsters and Crayfish.
  • Other Seafood, such as Cod, Flounder, Kingfish, Snapper and Squid are all good tasting and widely available.
  • Freshwater fish lovers can easily find fresh and smoked salmon.
  • Rainbow or brown trout from a crystal-clear steam is a real treat.  Trout is not sold commercially, but if you catch one, most restaurants will prepare it for you at request.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are abundant throughout the year.  The kiwifruit was developed in NZ (originally brought over from central China almost a century ago).
  • New Zealand's rich dairy foods are lethal to the waistline but delicious.  There are a wide variety of tasty cheeses, including local Camembert, Feta, Romano and blue vein.
  • Climate and geography have combined to produce highly distinctive, premium quality wines.
  • New Zealand Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc have won many awards in recent years at international Wine Challenges around the world.
  • The Capital Wellington has more cafes and restaurants per head of population than New York City.
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