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The first Maori settlers arrived aboard a number of great canoes from the island called Hawaiki, from French Polynesia about 1000 years ago.


  • The Maori nationality did not exist before the arrival of Europeans; they referred to themselves in terms of their tribal affiliations.
  • Maori developed a strong social structure based around tribal and family association and have their own mythology and religion.
  • Maori have always had a deep attachment to their land; culture and traditions, which have and still are creating the unique nature of New Zealand.
  • Many Maori continue to keep their language, art and culture, and many urban Maori are today undergoing a cultural revival.
  • The warrior spirit gained the Maori a fearsome reputation and today is one of the reasons why they have been prominent in almost every sport played in this country.
  • The haka, a traditional challenge that often was performed before battle is now often preformed before sporting games.
  • The Maori culture retains a prominent role in New Zealand and since 1987, Maori was made an official language alongside English.
  • The traditional meetinghouse of the Maori, the Marae, still plays an important role in social, political and ceremonial activities.
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