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The indigenous people of New Zealand are the Maori, a Polynesian race who populated New Zealand over 1000 years ago.  Today's modern nation of New Zealand is still very young, colonized in the 1850's primarily by immigrants from Great Britain. The political system is based on the Westminster parliamentary system inherited from Great Britain but has evolved in recent years to a more European styled party representation system.


  • The population of New Zealand is 4 million people.
  • 69.8% of the population is European (Pakeha), most of British origin.
  • 15% are of Maori heritage, mostly living in the warmer north.
  • Polynesians from Western Samoa, Cook Islands and some other Pacific Islands make up 6% of the population.
  • Today Auckland is the world's largest Polynesian city.
  • A significant number of immigrants from Asia, particularly of Chinese descent arrived in the 1980's and now make up 2% of New Zealands population.  Indian's make up a further 1.2% of New Zealand's population.
  • New Zealanders have gained a reputation as informal, friendly people and develop a proudly egalitarian population.
  • Since 1996 New Zealand's system of government changed to Mixed Member Proportional representations.
  • Immigrants continue to make up a significant proportion of New Zealanders.
  • The population lives harmoniously with everybody enjoying the same citizenship rights under the law.
  • The North Island has 3.1 million people, and the South Island has 926, 000 people.
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