8 Day – Land of the Rings Tour
(Auckland to Queenstown or Christchurch)
We follow the footsteps of Frodo and his brave companions through both the North and South Island.

Day 1: Arrival in Auckland (early morning arrival) we are happy to arrange your overnight stay in Auckland prior the tour!

You will be met by your driver/guide at Auckland International Airport, in a luxurious vehicle. We take you through the Waikato district, passing lush grass for rising cattle and thoroughbred horses and a vast stand of exotic timber. The Waikato region of the North Island is one of the richest farming areas in New Zealand. We stop at the tranquil pastoral setting of "Hobbiton" in Matamata. A Tour guide will escort you through the remains of the original Hobbit Village. Take a walk up to Bagshot Row to Bag End, to stand outside the most famous Hobbit hole in Middle-Earth. This is the only location left in NZ were you can see the remains of the original set of LotR! Later we pass the center of Maori culture “Rotorua” and take a journey through a world of unique thermal formations at Waitapu Thermal Wonderland. See the fascinating "Champagne Pool” with the panorama of vividly colorful hot and cold pools, steaming fumaroles and boiling mud. We stop at the Huka Falls - these spectacular falls roar through a 15-m wide chasm before plunging a further 11-m. The destination for the day is the township "Taupo". From here you have spectacular view over New Zealand largest lake onto the Volcanic Plato. The town is based in the middle of a magical geothermal area and is world renown for trout fishing, hunting and outdoors adventures.
Accommodation: Lake Taupo

Day 2: Taupo-Tongariro National Park-Taihape

After Breakfast, we drive on the Volcanic Loop to view New Zealand's most accessible live volcano, magnificent Mt. Ruapehu. Take a short walk around the pristine native forest of Tongariro National Park and experience the desolate Landscape and sites of Emyn Muil. Pause at the Tawha Falls the pace of "The Henneth Annum". We will walk with you over lava stones fields so bring ggo shoes! You’ll have views over magnificent valleys, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. With blasted volcanic rock, steep bluffs and ash, little imagination is required to envisage Modor. After surrounding Mt Ruhapeau we reach the next film location, and have a quick stop at Mangewhero Falls to imagine Column’s catching a fish in the cold water. From there we travel deep into farming country to the remote Mokai Valley, where the picturesque Rangitikei River meats the rugged Ruahine Ranges. Near our accommodation we take you on a rafting trip through the gentle rapids and the crystal clear waters of the Rangitikei River. We pass secret waterfalls and unbelievable scenery. You will float quietly through Middle Earth and pass scenes from the Movie. Here you can stop for a fish, a swim or a picnic. (3 hour rafting trip!) For our thrill seekers! We can organize also a 5 gradeadventure, rafting ride through the same river valley. Unwind and relax in the evening with a home cooked dinner at this magic place. Accommodation: Matai Valley Framstay

Day 3: Rangitikei River-Wellington

We pass the River Anduin and travel to the lower West Coast of the North Island. In Otaki we take a short drive to the Otaki Gorge, which was used to portray the young Hobbitons journey to the border of the “Shire”. On a very windy and high-elevated small road we drive you from the Waikanae region to the Hutt Valley and the East coast. Not far from there is the Kaitohe National Park and the site of the set of Rivendell and the Fords of Isen. We reach the capital of Wellington in the afternoon. We take you on a brief tour through town and to the Parliament building. In the center of the metropolitan area is Mt. Victoria which provided the perfect location for the out “Shire”. A green tunnel of trees will take you to the spot where the Hobbits take refuge from “Nazgul”. From there we take you to the most popular location of the crew to the Chocolate Fish Café. As an evening entertainment you can watch one of our new movies in the Embassy Theatre which held the world premier of the third Trilogy "The Return of the Kings. Additional option for early risers: Visit one of the most unusual geographical landscapes in New Zealand the Putangirua Pinnacles on the South Coast of the North Island. We hike along the steam bed to the Pinnacles, have lunch and imagine “Legolos” telling the story of the army of the dead. (2 to 3 our hike)

Accommodation: Wellington City

Day 4: Wellington-Marlborough Sounds-Lake Tekapo

This morning we board a Ferry to cross the Cook Strait; encounter a glorious world as the ferry enters the Marlborough Sounds, from the Tory Channel into the Queen Charlotte Sound. You will see a region of myriad inlets and bays, with dramatic hills that plunge steeply into the sea. We have a long drive ahead to get to our final accommodation for the night, Lake Tekapo. The beautiful coastal road to Kaikoura gets you in the right mood to enjoy watching wildlife, like seals and dolphins. We will pass Christchurch before we head for the tussocks wilds of the Mackenzie Country and the peaks of Aoraki situated in the Mt Cook National Park, which build a sharp contrast to the flat grass plains. Passing the Southern Alps, the backbone of the South Island with every peak being at least 3000m high the scenery were an obvious choice to portray the "Misty Mountains". We are passing over the Burkess Pass from Fairlie in the North into the Mackenzie Basin and across the tussock plains, where you get the first view onto the turquoise-blue lake of Lake Tekapo.

Accommodation: Lake Tekapo

Day 5: Lake Tekapo-Mt Cook-Queenstown

We start our day with another adventure! In an airplane will take you on a spectacular scenic flight over Mt Cook and surrounding areas. You will see from the air Mt Cook, Mt Gunn, and our unique Glaziers on the rouged West Coast of New Zealand. The Mountain Range of "Minas Tirith" was shot just at the base of Mt Cook and The Lightening of the Beacon was filmed at our most famous Glazier “ Franz Josef Glazier”. Leaving Lake Tekapo the road continues towards Lake Pukaki and a short ride later we reach the location of the "Pelennor Fields" near Twizel. This was the place of the larges battle scene in the trilogy. On the way to Queenstown we take a shortcut from Lake Wanaka and travel through the Cardrona Valley, the highest valley in the country. The views up his heights are expansive. You can spot from here the River Anduin and Dimrille Dale. We stop at the most picturesque and best-preserved gold mining settlement in New Zealand “Arrowtown”. The old town and the nearby river was used to film the “Ford of Bruinen and “The gladden Fields”. In the late afternoon we drive you on a very rugged and tortures road deep into Skippers canyon, The Part close to the Bridge was used for one of the most dramatic scenes from the Fellowship of the Rings: "Arwen faces the Nazgul at the Ford of Bruinen"

Accommodation: Lake Hayes near Queenstown and Arrowtown

Day 6: Queenstown

Queenstown is the top adventure and activity center in New Zealand. Most of the cast was based here and major parts movie where filmed in this region. Today we have planed a jet boat ride through "Lothlorien country", and walk to Isengard, Nan Curunir (the Wizard's Vale) 'Methedras'Lothlorien'Amon Hen Forests reminiscent of the Old Forest or Mirkwood the Great Fanghorn Forest. Pause at the 12-mile Delta (Ithilien Camp) and at Closeburn (Amon Hen). It was in these hills Frodo Baggins, escaping Boromir, clambered up onto the 'Seat of Seeing' and was confronted by The Eye of Sauron. The forests at Paradise were the location for the golden wood of Lothlorien, home of the elven Queen Galadriel for over 3500 years. We stop for a brief walk in these ancient forests, which was also one of the locations for Amon Hen - the scene of that final dramatic action in the Fellowship of the Ring, where Boromir succumbs to the Orc attack and Merry & Pippin are captured. And all through the journey your safari offers great views of Nan Curunír the Valley of Saruman. An additional option for early risers: Visit Dear Parks or the Remarkable’s for stunning views over Lake Wakatipu and the township of Queenstown. (Several scene were filmed in both areas)

Accommodation: Lake Hayes near Queenstown and Arrowtown

Day 7: Queenstown- Milford Sound

Today we have another long day ahead. We are heading for the spectacular “Milford Sound”, described by Rudyard Kipling as the ‘eighth wonder of the world, was carved out during successive ice ages and, at its deepest point off Mitre Peak, plunges to a depth of 265 meters. We take you on a day cruise into the magnificent wonder-world. View the Bowen Falls, hurtling 165 meters into the sea, and the Stirling Falls further down the sound, set amidst the towering cliffs and dwarfed by Mitre Peak (showcased in the film). Our bottlenose dolphins, New Zealand Fur Seals and Fiordland Crested Penguins are resident in the fiord and can be viewed up close from the launch cruises. An Additional option for early risers: Near Te Anau, the entrance of the Fiordland National Park we drive you into a wonderful forest of red and silver beeches, which seem untouched for millions of years. This bushy glade portrait the “Fangorn Forest” Optional and for extra costs: Helicopter flight over Glengorchy into Milford Sounds with landing at Skippers canyon! Very highly recommended)

Accommodation: Lake Hayes near Queenstown and Arrowtown

Day 8: Queenstown – Christchurch

On our last day we take you from Queenstown along the Kawarau River To Cromwell. First we stop to take spectacular views of the Anduin and Agonath “The Pillars of the Kings. Although the pillars were computer-generated into each side of the river, the area is instantly recognizable. In the old days people were lured into this area by the hope to find gold. Today it is the center of stone fruit farms in New Zealand. A small road will take us to Poolburn and the location on “Rohan”. The Pollburn Lake gives an excellent view across the location of the small village where “Morwen send her children to safety before the attack". The area surrounding the Ida Valley was used to extensively portray “Rohan”. We drive futher East to the coast and stop for a break, we walk the streets of the main town of Otago Omaaru. This town has the best preserved collection of historical buildings in New Zealand. In the afternoon we reach the capital of the South Island Christchurch. If time allows we will wonder around the art center and shops in the city center for your last presents you like to take home. Reflect on your journey at your last meal in New Zealand in one of the many restaurants of the Inner city.
Or depending on your arranged flights you can also depart at International Airport in Queenstown. We would visit Ida Valley and return in the afternoon back to Queenstown.

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